• Explode one type of wall into several types of walls.
  • Change to Exterior + Core + Interior or Wall of Material-Specific Type.
  • Combines adjacent several types of walls into one type of wall.

* Recommended for early design-phase modeling.
* Wall-layer with zero thickness, like membrane, is ignored



A. Enable/Disable the option of Allow Join Wall at End of the separated wall
B. Explode
  B.1 Select the element to specify the wall-type to separate
  B.2 Slow Explode : Keep the Original Wall Location (Move the Wall Centerline)
  B.3 Fast Explode : Keep the Wall Centerline (Move the Wall Location)
  B.4 Walls separate based on material or core
  B.5 Join separated Walls
  B.6 Ignore Warning : Ignore the warning but not the error
  B.7 Select the walls to separate and click ‘Finish’
C. Combine
  C.1 Combine separate walls into one wall (multiples are not supported)
  C.2 First select the wall to be Core, then select the walls to combine
  C.3 Set tolerance for length
  C.4 If there are walls with different base level or base offset, they will not be combined
  C.5 Combine : If there are walls of different heights, they will not be combined
  C.6 Force Combine : Even if there are walls of different heights, they are combined
  C.7 Notice : ‘Combine’ creates a new wall type name

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