• Customize the Schedule to create a nice VisualSchedule.
  • Easily edit schedules and place them on sheets.
  • Import/export to Excel and edit in App.

A. Edit the Revit schedule like an Excel and create a new VisualSchedule
B. Load the Revit schedule
  B.1 Set the Title and Header area
  B.2 Set the line-style and line-color for the Title/Header/Body area
  B.3 Important : The line-style and line-color are changed to values in the preset ‘LineMatching’ to create a VisualSchedule
  B.4 After setting Cell Height of Title/Header/Body, click Apply to Cell area
C. Create a VisualSchedule
  C.1 Auto Merge Cell : Applies the merged cell to the VisualSchedule
  C.2 Resizing : Create a VisualSchedule with the size you set
     a. Fit Size : Change the Cell and Font size to the size you set
     b. Resizing Font : Font size is overridden when Fit Size is applied
     c. Auto Split(Row) : Create multiple VisualSchedules by splitting (Row) the schedule based on the size you set
     d. Copy header another schedule : Insert a header on the split VisualSchedule.
  C.3 Update Contents : Update VisualSchedule Contents
  C.4 Line Matching : Preset the line-style of the VisualSchedule
  C.5 Save&Load : Save or load the style settings of Title/Header/Body
  C.6 Excel Import/Export : Export or import as an Excel file

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