• The Project Browser arranges and manages the views.
  • Easily create view parameters and apply them to views.
  • View parameters use them in the Project Browser.

A. Create view parameters
  A.1 Defines the parameters name and default value
  A.2 Specifies the group to create the parameters
  A.3 Click Apply to create the view parameters

B. Specifies view parameters for views
  B.1 Activate the parameters to apply in Active View Parameter
  B.2 Select the view and drag it to the value you want to apply
  B.3 Activate other parameter names to assign parameter values to the view

C. Set Project Browser
  C.1 Create new Browser organization
  C.2 In Group and Sorting, specify the group in order of 1st Name => 2nd Name => 3rd Name => Family and Type

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