• Set Workplane into face / a point and edge / 3 point / normal-line.
  • Move the Workplane to the pick a point or offset it by the specified distance.
  • On some surfaces, you can create a Workplane.

A. Set Workplane to face
A.1 Select the face to set the Workplane
A.2 You can set the workplane by selecting a surface

B. Set Workplane to a point and edge
B.1 Pick a point
B.2 Select edge to set the Workplane

C. Set Workplane to 3 point

D. Set Workplane to normal-line
D.1 Pick a point to set Workplane
D.2 Pick a point to normal-line

E. Move the Workplane to the pick point

F. Offset the Workplane to the specified distance.

G. Important : Pick Point can acquire points after selecting face first

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