• Extends the functionality to filters that refines selected elements.
  • By filtering the parameter or level, select or deselect it.
  • Add or subtract objects based on the properties of the elements.
  • Save the selection set and load.
  • Temporarily save selected history to undo or redo.

A. TreeView
  A.1 The selected elements are shown as TreeView
  A.2 Only selected categories can be viewed
  A.3 Select the TreeView step with one click
  A.4 Select/un-select the element with the check box to filter it
  A.5 Zoom and find the element by the mouse right-clicking

B. Filter Selection Tap
  B.1 Check/uncheck the element based on the Project Parameter
  B.2 Check/uncheck based on the properties of the selected element
  B.3 Check/uncheck based on constrains level

C. Add Selection Tap
  C.1 Based on Category/Family/Properties, select the selected area or element of the current view to be subtract/add or to be a new selectionset
  C.2 Create a new selectionset or subtract/add a host/hosted/nested element of the selected object

D. SelectionSet Load/Save
  D.1 Save or load SelectionSet
  D.2 Save the SelectionSet history temporarily to load the previous SelectionSet

E. Run
  E.1 Rebuild : Load the selected element onto the screen into TreeView
  E.2 Preview : Show the elements checked in TreeView
  E.3 Apply : Select the elements checked in TreeView

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