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SavedSectionBox - ToyBIM Revit Add-In


  • Save and load Section Box position, size, and rotation in 3d view.
  • Edit the Section Box of the current view.
  • Export the Section Box of the current 3d view to others.
  • Import the Section Box of the other 3d view.

A. Save / Load
  A.1 Save one Section Box of the current 3d view
  A.2 Loads the Section Box stored in the current 3D view

B. Get
  B.1 Load a Section Box in other 3D view
  B.2 Load a Section Box saved with Save As

C. Send
  C.1 Export the Section Box of the current 3d view to others
  C.2 Important : Export the current Section Box, not the saved Section Box

D. Data
  D.1 A list of coordinates of the section box of the saved 3d view
  D.2 When 3d view is deleted, the list is also deleted
  D.3 Can save coordinates separately with Save As

E. Option
  E.1 On/Off Section Box(When On/Off, Section Box is initialized)
  E.2 Hide/Unhide Section Box

F. Edit
  F.1 Edit Section Box of the current 3d view
  F.2 Edit Start Point(min.)/End Point(max)/Origin Point of the Section Box or pick point
  F.3 Edit Length/Width/Height/Angle of the Section Box
  F.4 Important : Pick Point can acquire points after selecting face first

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