• Manages the Revit-backup-files(rvt).
  • BackupFileFolder is an app that manages the Revit-backup-files by moving it to other folder.
  • This app is an application that moves the created backup file to other folder or manages the number of backup files.

A. Open work folder

B. Select location backup folder
  B.1 Sub Folder : Subfolders in the Work folder
  B.2 Fixed Folder : Folder specified by user
  B.3 Revit Default : The location is where the .rvt file is located
  B.4 Do not save Backup files : Delete backup files

C. Manually move the backup file to other folder

D. Option
  D.1 BackupFileFolder auto-run timing (open Revit File / close Revit File / run App/None)
  D.2 Number of backup files
  D.3 Backup files retention period

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